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Lake Kegonsa Subwatershed

The Yahara River flows into the northern end of Lake Kegonsa. This lake is 3,210 acres in size and holds about 2,366 million cubic feet of water. Its maximum depth is 32.2 feet and has a mean depth of 16.7 feet. About 54.4 square of miles of land drain directly to the lake. The shoreline development factor is 1.21. The closer the shoreline development factor is to one, the more like it is shaped like a circle. A larger number indicates that there is more opportunity for growth along the shoreline. The lake flushes slightly more than twice per year (2.2/year).

Door Creek drains into Lake Kegonsa on its east side. The lake is drained by the Yahara River to the southeast. The Yahara River from mile here to the Rock River is on the Department of Natural Resources list of impaired waters (303d list) due to dissolved oxygen and habitat. It is a high priority restoration area.

Lake Kegonsa Characteristics and Map (Source: UW Center for Limnology)


Surface Area (acres)

Volume (million ft.3 )

Depth (ft.)

Mean Depth (ft.)

Shoreline length (miles)

Direct Drainage Area (mi2)

Total Drainage (mi2 )

Shoreline development factor

Flushing rate

Lake Kegonsa












Lake Kegonsa Hydrographic Map: Depth in meters