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Lake Waubesa

The Lake Waubesa subwatershed begins where Lake Monona drains into Upper Mud Lake through the Yahara River at Squaw Bay on the Monona’s southeast end.  

Upper Mud Lake flows into Lake Waubesa at its northern end. Lake Waubesa is 2,083 acres and holds 1,413 million cubic feet of water. Its maximum depth is 38.1 feet and its mean depth is 15.4 feet. The shoreline of the lake is 9.4 miles. About 44 acres of land drain to Lake Waubesa. The shoreline development factor is 1.47. The lake flushes over three times per year (3.2/year).

Two other creeks drain into Lake Waubesa on its southwest side: Swan Creek and Murphy’s Creek. Lake Waubesa then flows into the Yahara River on its east side.

Facts about Lake Waubesa (Source: UW Center for Limnology):


Surface Area (acres)

Volume (million ft.3 )

Depth (ft.)

Mean Depth (ft.)

Shoreline length (miles)

Direct Drainage Area (mi2)

Total Drainage (mi.2 )

Shoreline development factor

Flushing rate

Lake Waubesa










Map of Lake Waubesa (Source: UW Center for Limnology):