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Floating Booms to Prevent Blue-green Algal Scums and other Floating Debris from Fouling Madison Area Swimming Beaches: a Pilot Test

Deflector boom systems tested at lakes Monona and Mendota during the summers of 2010-2012 were able to prevent swimming beaches from becoming fouled with blue-green algal scums and other floating debris. This pilot project was a cooperative effort among Wisconsin DNR, City of Madison, Dane County, and UW-Madison, and was supported in part from a Wisconsin DNR lake planning grant.

Farm Practices in the Lake Mendota Watershed: A Comparative Analysis of 1996 and 2011

Ken Genskow and Carolyn Rumery Betz (UW-Extension Environmental Resources Center) prepared this June 2012 report for the Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds, funded by a Wisconsin DNR Lake Planning Grant. The report compares responses from two surveys conducted with 62 farm operators before and after implementation of the Lake Mendota Priority Watershed project. Topics of interest include: how farmers perceive water quality issues in the watershed; how to understand what drives use of conservation practices over time; how pressures from other farmers, developers or renters affect farmer decisionā€making; and what messages and sources of information about soil and water conservation farmers find credible and trustworthy.

A CLEAN Future for the Yahara Lakes: Solutions for Tomorrow, Starting Today

Published in September 2010, the Yahara CLEAN report identified 70 actions for lakes improvement.

Detailed Map of the Yahara River Watershed

Setting the Stage for Success: Yahara CLEAN and Other Watershed Accomplishments

Dane County Lakes and Watershed Commission Watershed Management Coordinator Susan Jones outlines the challenges and successes of adaptive management in the Yahara Watershed. Presented at the November 9, 2012, North American Lake Management Society meeting, "Yahara Lakes: Implementing a Vision."

Long-Term Maintenance of Stormwater Management Practices

Jeremy Balousek, P.E. at the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department, examine efforts to manage stormwater in the City of Madison and surrounding areas.

Funding, Networks, and Accounting for Performance in Efforts to Enhance Ecosystem Services in the Yahara Watershed

Adena Rissman, Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Management, at UW-Madison examines how ecosystem services related to freshwater vary and how can they be sustained as climate, land cover and management, the built environment and human demands change.