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Madison Audubon Society

222 S Hamilton St., Madison, WI 53703

Madison Audubon Society grew out of the Madison Bird Club, formed in 1936 by a small group of bird lovers. Today we have more than 2,500 members in the seven counties of Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Iowa, Jefferson (western), Richland and Sauk. An official chapter of the National Audubon Society, Madison Audubon Society, Inc. is a registered nonprofit organization. As a member of Community Shares of Wisconsin, Madison Audubon also works for a healthy and safe community.

Our mission is to “educate our members and the public about the natural world and the threats that natural systems are facing, to engage in advocacy to preserve and protect these systems, and to develop and maintain sanctuaries to save and restore habitat.” 

Madison Audubon sponsors dozens of free field trips and public education programs as well as major events such as the annual Art Fair. The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who manage the organization. We are stewards of more than 1,200 acres of wildlife habitat. Our part-time office staff, aided by volunteers, speak out on important environmental issues, network with other environmental groups, and answer environmental questions from the public.

Part of the Madison Audubon Society’s mission is “to develop and maintain sanctuaries to save and restore natural habitat.” The society owns and manages over 2,700 acres with a focus on preserving and restoring prairie and wetland habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Volunteers and interns assist the resident managers in restoration and management activities.